Maria Skakun is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and director based in Los Angeles, California.

Maria was born in a Russian town Chernogolovka located near Moscow. She first revealed her aptitude for sport and dancing in her career as a rhythmic gymnast which led her to the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE). Maria graduated with honors and obtained a degree in Producing theatrical performances and festivities.
By that time, Maria had already established herself as a talented dancer, having mastered such dancing styles as whacking, jazz-funk, hip-hop, vogue, high heels and classical choreography, however her specialties have always been contemporary dance and floorwork.

In her further career development Maria held a senior position as a head of dancing department at school of modern art in her native town. The teams she trained and choreographed have repeatedly won prizes at major Russian festivals and competitions. Apart from that Maria has launched the first Russian commercial community for dancers ‘Carpe Diem’, which held events for dancers’, teachers’ and choreographers’ professional growth.
Since 2018 Maria has been working in Los Angeles. As a dancer and choreographer, she is frequently engaged in major dancing festivals and events, holds classes in different cities, and participates in the creation of dance videos.

Working away from home is tough, but such difficulties only strengthen Maria’s faith that nothing is impossible if you truly love what you do.
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